7 reasons for a familiy holiday during Culinary Autumn

As summer bids farewell, autumn emerges, offering a serene period of grounding and connection with nature. The cows return from the mountains to the village and a sense of tranquility gradually returns to Fiss. Autumn is the ideal time to explore nature together as a family and to experience the colourful spectacle of the changing seasons with the children.

At Schlosshotel Fiss, we embrace this marvelous time by curating exceptional culinary delights and hosting captivating events as part of the SHF Culinary Autumn 2024, which takes place from September 7th to September 27th.

Event highlights for families

WEEK 1 | Tree to table

Sunday, 08/09 | Sparkling wine tasting: Champagne & Co
Tuesday, 10/09 | Sunrise yoga at Lake Wolfsee
Wednesday, 11/09 | Gourmet hike with a barbecue in the Rabuschl for the whole family

WEEK 2 | Pumpkin week

Sunday, 15/09 | Chocolate making workshop at the SHF Kidsclub
Thursday, 19/09 | Strudel workshop with the SHF chefs (from 8 years)
Friday, 20/09 | Meditation & breathing techniques

WEEK 3 | Game week

Monday, 23/09 | Baking workshop for the whole family
Tuesday, 24/09 | Tasting: Whiskey around the world
Wednesday, 25/09 | Etiquette workshop for children

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7 reasons for a family holiday in autumn in fiss:
  • Spectecular natural beauty
  • Pleasant weather
  • Tranquility in the region
  • Educational opportunities for children
  • Family time
  • Seasonal events
  • Events of the SHF Culinary Autumn

1. Spectacular natural beauty
As nature unfolds its vibrant display, the lush green of the meadows gracefully transition into golden hues of autumn. The foliage adorns itself in a rich palette of warm reds, oranges, and yellows, creating a mesmerizing setting for family hikes. The picturesque beauty of the mountains never fails to enchant both children and adults alike.

2. Pleasant weather and clear air
Autumn brings delightful mild temperatures to the mountains, creating a pleasant atmosphere in nature. The gentle autumn air and soft sunrays make it ideal for engaging in outdoor activities. Additionally, the advantage of clearer air during this season offers remarkable vistas of the majestic mountain peaks and picturesque valleys.

3. Tranquility in the region
Fiss is the perfect destination for an autumn getaway, providing an idyllic retreat from the busyness of peak tourist season. Here, you can bask in the tranquil autumn sun amidst the mountains. As the main holiday season winds down during this time, the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region tends to be less crowded compared to the summer months. This means you won't have to endure long queues for attractions like the Fisser Flitzer, allowing you to peacefully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

4. Educational opportunities for children
Autumn is a time for children to learn about changes in nature and the changing seasons. Whether it's autumn hikes in the forest or seasonal activities at the Kids Club, an autumn holiday in the mountains is an exciting and educational experience for the little ones. 

At Schlosshotel Fiss, we provide an exciting activities in our Kids Club, allowing young guests to engage in creative learning and play. For instance, they can participate in a candy workshop or join an etiquette course specially designed for children. Our dedicated and affectionate Kids Club staff never fail to bring joy to the children and eagerly anticipate a multitude of thrilling experiences during the SHF Culinary Autumn.

5. Valuable family time
A holiday in the mountains offers a valuable chance to bond with your family. Undertake activities in nature, go on adventures in the mountains or relax together on the sun terrace. Engage in outdoor activities, embark on mountain adventures, or simply unwind together on the sun terrace. The serene ambiance of the mountains allows you to prioritize your loved ones and foster togetherness.

6. Seasonal events
Apart from the exciting events at Schlosshotel Fiss, the holiday region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis provides a diverse range of enjoyable activities. For instance, there is the "Kunst am Berg" (Art on the Mountain) exhibition held at an elevation of 2,440 meters on Schönjoch, as well as the traditional Almabtrieb (Alpine Pasture Drive) where beautifully adorned cows descend from the alpine meadows to the valley.

You can find all the events happening in the region by in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis events calendar.

7. Events of the SHF Culinary Autumn
Experience the wonders of nature during a delightful culinary hike suitable for all ages, satisfy your sweet cravings at our chocolate making workshop, or master the art of bread baking together at our family-friendly bread baking course. While parents can fully enjoy morning yoga at Wolfsee or participate in a barbecue course with the Big Green Egg, the younger guests can embark on a thrilling KidsGourmet scavenger hunt, filled with fun and adventure.

Indulge in a sensory journey and explore the realm of exquisite flavors through wine and cheese tastings, rum and chocolate samplings, and a variety of other culinary delicacies.



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An autumn vacation in Fiss provides the perfect blend of nature encounters, physical activity, fresh air, relaxation, and enjoyment for the entire family. It is a great opportunity to introduce children to the wonders of nature and make memories that will last a lifetime.