Top 14 things to do on rainy days in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

The communities Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis receive 2000 hours of sunshine per year and belong to the sunniest places in Tyrol. This is why the region is also known as “sun plateau Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis”. Occasionally, however, there are a few rainy days here as well. The rain is a blessing for nature, and we do not mind it either. Schlosshotel Fiss and the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region offer a wide range of activities for bad weather, ensuring an unforgettable holiday experience despite the rain.

Top 14 things to do on rainy days

In the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region:

  • PlayIn Serfaus
  • Indoor Arena in Fiss
  • Local history museum "s’Paules und s’Seppls Haus in Fiss"
  • Take a walk outside
  • Behind the scenes of the cable cars
  • Guided tour of Laudeck castle
  • Rafting in Ried im Oberinntal


At the Schlosshotel Fiss:

  • Feel-good moments in the SHF Spa
  • Family time in the Family Spa
  • Spa treatments for body, mind and soul
  • Read a good book
  • Yoga classes, Schloss Gym and more
  • Teenagers’ room and Kids Club
  • Hotel cinema for kids and teens

Things to do for unforgettable rainy days in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

The Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region offers a variety of activities for all age groups and for any weather. In the area around the Schlosshotel Fiss there are many things to do for the whole family on rainy days. Our front office crew will be happy to assist you in planning and organizing your activities for bad weather.

1. PlayIn Serfaus

PlayIn Serfaus is a unique indoor adventure centre that offers fun and entertainment for children. 12 climbing walls and 2 climbing towers guarantee action-packed hours for all climbing fans. A soft play area with ball pool awaits the youngest, and children can prove their agility at the Laser Light Mission. A rainy day at PlayIn Serfaus is an exciting adventure for the little ones.

2. Indoor Arena in Fiss

The Indoor Arena in Fiss offers a wide range of games for children of every age. The smaller ones might get excited about the play corner with a mini-house and a slide, while the older children can enjoy action and fun with table soccer, air hockey and a pool table. There are also child-friendly wall and table games. It certainly won’t get boring.

3. Local history museum s’Paules und s’Seppls Haus in Fiss

The local museum s'Paules und s'Seppls Haus in Fiss is a cultural-historical centre that offers an insight into the traditional life of the region. The museum consists of two historic houses that have been lovingly restored and now serve as living witnesses of the past. Visitors can experience the authentic atmosphere of the past and learn more about rural life, craftsmanship and customs of the Tyrolean Alps.

Tip: Between 06/07 and 05/10/2023, a bread baking show in the over 350-year-old wood-burning oven takes place every Thursday at s'Paules and s'Seppls Haus. Afterwards, visitors have the option to buy the freshly baked bread.

4. Take a walk outside

It may rain, but the beauty of nature in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is still the same. A rainy day offers the opportunity to experience nature in a different way. The smell of fresh rain and wet meadows lies in the air. The clear mountain air feels even cleaner. Only few people are on the streets, and you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity while listening to the soothing sound of the rain. At Schlosshotel Fiss we are happy to equip you with an umbrella so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature even on the grey days.

A walk in the woods is a wonderful outdoor activity for bad weather. The branches and leaves of the trees serve as natural rain protection, helping you to stay dry on the path. Many of the numerous hiking trails in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region lead through the forest. Also, big parts of the child-friendly hiking paths "Witch Trail" and "Explorer Trail" are protected by trees. Like this, hiking with the whole family is fun even on a rainy day.

5. Behind the scenes of the cable cars

Every Thursday, the cable cars of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis offer a look behind the scenes for visitors. A guided tour gives you an exciting insight into the operation and technology behind the ropeways. The company places great emphasis on safety and efficiency, and a visit to the company premises offers the opportunity to experience these aspects up close.

6. Guided tour of Laudeck castle

Laudeck Castle sits majestically on a hill and offers a breath-taking view of the surrounding landscape of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. On the guided tour of the castle you can explore the well-preserved rooms and immerse yourself in times gone by. Learn more about the life of the castle lords, the historical events that took place here and the architecture of this impressive complex.

7. White water rafting in Ried im Oberinntal

Only a few minutes from Schlosshotel Fiss you can find the village Ried im Oberinntal. The range of action-packed water activities in Ried im Oberinntal sparks excitement in every adventurer’s heart. Rafting offers thrills and fun for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Together with an experienced guide, you float down the river in an inflatable boat and master thundering rapids and splashing waves. Nobody stays dry during rafting, which makes it an ideal activity for rainy days. While in the water, you also get to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature. There are different levels of difficulty in rafting, both for beginners and experienced rafters.

Eine Gondel als Infopoint Komperdellbahn NEU in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tirol
Rafting bei Regen in Ried im Oberinntal: Actionreiche Aktivität nahe dem Schlosshotel Fiss, ideal für Abenteuer und Familien bei jedem Wetter

Things to do for unforgettable rainy days in Schlosshotel Fiss

You wake up in the morning and hear the soothing sound of raindrops touching the ground. You open the balcony door, and the scent of fresh summer rain is in the air. You take a deep breath as you feel the clean air in your lungs. The sleepy village Fiss and the mountains hugged by clouds radiate a grounding calmness. With a smile on your face, you take in the impressive panoramic views. This day belongs entirely to you and to your loved ones. Schlosshotel Fiss is perfectly equipped to make this rainy day an unforgettable vacation experience. Here are a few suggestions:

8. Feel-good moments in the SHF Spa

Experience deep relaxation on 5,000 m² in the SHF Spa. Enjoy the pleasant warmth of the panorama pool while you might even enter the heated outdoor pool and watch the raindrops as they gently hit the ground. Meanwhile, younger guests can enjoy action and fun in the Splash Waterworld with its loop tube slide and rocking bay.

Those who seek peace and tranquillity will find their haven in the adults-only Schloss Spa. The crackling fireplace and a warming cup of tea in the Silent Lounge ensure absolute relaxation. Feel the inner peace and devote yourself entirely to your well-being - perhaps with a good book you've been wanting to read?

9. Family time in the Family Spa

At Schlosshotel Fiss, even children get to enjoy wellness to the fullest. With child-friendly wellness offers such as chocolate scrubs or a scent station, the Family Spa will not be boring for kids. Rewind and relax while at the same time spending quality moments with your loved ones in our Family Spa.

10. Spa treatments for body, mind and soul

Our exclusive spa treatments in the Schloss Spa invite you to let go of stress, to slow down your thoughts and to fully enjoy the moment. Enter a world of relaxation accompanied by the delicate scents of massage oils, soothing warmth, and relaxing tranquillity. Embark on a journey to wellbeing of body, mind and soul through our SHF Signature Treatments, nourishing baths, or regenerating cosmetic treatments. to the spa treatments >

11. Read a good book

Schlosshotel Fiss offers numerous oases of wellbeing that invite to immerse yourself in a good book or to read the latest issue of your favourite newspaper. Whether in our Silent Lounge next to the warming fireplace, in the Family Spa with your loved ones, or on the comfortable loungers of the Aqua Monte Waterworld. As a guest of the Schlosshotel Fiss you also have free access to our online newspaper library.

Schlosshotel Fiss also has a small library with cosy seating, a dreamlike view and various books that invite to browse through their pages. The library is located on the second floor of the east wing.

12. Yoga classes, Schloss Gym and more

The SHF active programme includes daily changing fitness sessions such as yoga, aqua fit, spinning and more with our experienced trainers. Participate in our varied fitness programme and stay active during your holiday even on rainy days. Take care of your physical fitness in the 300 m² Schloss Gym during a personal training session or work out individually.

13. Teenagers’ room & Kids Club

Endless fun and creativity await children and teenagers in the Kids Club and teenagers’ room. The Kids Club welcomes children from the age of two with an exciting daily programme, so that each day becomes a unique experience. In the teenagers’ room, the teens can enjoy themselves with an indoor bouldering wall, table football, Playstation and more. There is no space for boredom at Schlosshotel Fiss.

14. Hotel cinema for kids and teens

In addition to the Kids Club and teenagers’ room, the Schlosshotel Fiss even has its own cinema for children and teenagers. A different movie is shown every evening. Entertainment and fun for kids have no limits at Schlosshotel Fiss.

Das Indoor-Schwimmbad ist bei jedem Wetter ein Vergnügen und ist nur eine von vielen Aktivitäten bei Regenwetter.
Das FamilySpa ist das ideale Schlechtwetterprogramm für Familien mit Kindern in Tirol

There is no such thing as bad weather in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Even the rainy days have potential for unforgettable experiences and unique holiday moments. Grab an SHF umbrella and explore the beauty of nature, visit one of the many indoor destinations or relax and rewind in the SHF Spa.