Backstage, hidden away behind the thick castle walls, where everyone is hard at work... the friendly Castle Ghosts, permanent residents at the hotel since it opened in 1940.

Back then the building was still a tavern hosting local highlights throughout the year such as balls, plays and other events. Grandma Ghost was just four years old at the time and loved nothing more than admiring the elegant ladies in their knee-length dresses that swung so gracefully from side to side as they danced.

Hearing the music and laughter, Grandpa Ghost would pop his head around the door to see what was going on – and soon fell head over heels in love with Grandma Ghost. The two would go on to spend many happy years in the castle, its garden and their favourite secret hideaway: the roof of the castle tower, where they would sit in the evening and watch the stars. It didn’t take long for two to become three with the arrival of their son.

© Mike Rabensteiner | Hotelier family Domenig

In 1991 the hotel was taken over by the Domenig family. Under the watchful eye of the Castle Ghosts, the Schlosshotel Fiss continued to grow and develop. The large spa area, the family spa, the huge waterworld with a separate children’s area, the fireside lounge, the cigar lounge, the restaurants, the hotel bar, the kids’ club, the recreation room, the cinema, the friendly staff and much more besides mean the hotel today offers a unique holiday experience in the heart of Fiss. What once began as a small tavern has now become a large hotel with 135 rooms and suites.


The Castle Ghosts also grew in number to include:
  • Baby Ghost
  • Girly Ghost (in the middle of puberty)
  • Papa Ghost
  • Mama Ghost
  • Grandma Ghost
  • Grandpa Ghost

You can’t see them, you can’t touch them – but sometimes you can just sense they are there. For example, when a glass falls off a waiter’s tray for no apparent reason! But rest assured: the Castle Ghosts see EVERYTHING and enjoy writing long stories about everything that goes on at the hotel. Stay tuned!