5 reasons for an autumn holiday in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

5 reasons for an autumn holiday in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis
What makes a mountain getaway in autumn so beautiful
  • 1. Clear views paired with peace and tranquility on the mountain
  • 2. SHF Culinary Autumn programme
  • 3. Enhanced wellness and rejuvenation experiences.
  • 4. Witness the unparalleled burst of autumn hues in nature.
  • 5. Fantastic autumn deals at the SHF and in the area

1. An idyllic hiking haven offering abundant serenity and unparalleled panoramic vistas

As the school holidays are coming to an end and the mountain meadows are freshly mown, autumn descends upon us. It brings forth its tranquility, a sense of security, and a wonderfully gentle rhythm. The sky clears, unveiling broader vistas, while nature becomes richer than ever before.

But is this perception accurate? Do the mountains truly offer their finest views in autumn?

Anyone who has experienced an autumn retreat in the Alps can emphatically confirm this. The air becomes drier during the autumn months, clearing away the water vapor that often obscures views in midsummer. This clarity grants a uniquely breathtaking distant panorama.

The mild temperatures and the gradual transformation of nature into vibrant hues of red attract numerous hikers and nature enthusiasts to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in September and October.

2. The SHF Culinary Autumn

Furthermore, there's the varied cuisine and bountiful harvest. From September 7th to 27th, 2024, Schlosshotel Fiss invites you to embark on a sensory journey during the SHF Genussherbstwochen. Featuring events like wine tastings, rum & whiskey tastings, as well as samplings of truffles, exquisite mushrooms, premium brandies, and fine cheeses, we celebrate the abundance of autumn. This year, we've also introduced a vibrant workshop series: guests can indulge in a strudel-making class, a barbecue course with the Big Green Egg, children's etiquette lessons, a chocolate molding workshop and a bread baking workshop.

The SHF Genussherbst experience is complemented by an array of activities designed to pamper not just the senses but also the soul. From pleasure hikes with barbecue afternoons to guided yoga sessions, soothing meditations, forest bathing, and sauna evenings, we demonstrate how simple it can be to unwind, arrive, and fully immerse oneself in the joys of the season with heart and soul.

Explore the entire autumn program here: SHF Culinary Autumn >

3. Indulgent wellness & deep relaxation


Autumn offers a wonderful opportunity to take wellness and relaxation to a deeper level after active summer months spent outdoors. The calmer atmosphere encourages leaning back, unwinding, and savouring cozy moments. Experience a world of well-being across 5,000 square meters in our exclusive spa area. Here, you can harmonize body and mind through restful sauna visits, revitalizing treatments, or simply relaxing with a good book in one of our numerous tranquil oases.

4. The natural splendor of the autumn landscape

Nature adorns itself in an impressive array of colours during autumn, transforming the landscape into a captivating painting. Strolls and hikes amidst this colorful splendor are a true feast for the eyes. Experience the breathtaking autumn scenery on guided hiking excursions with SHF hiking guide Christian and let yourself be enchanted by the unique beauty of the surroundings.

5. Attractive autumn offers at Schlosshotel Fiss and in the region

Both Schlosshotel Fiss and the surrounding region offer special autumn deals, providing a perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of the area at a particularly attractive price. Enjoy exclusive packages, a unique autumn indulgence programme at Schlosshotel Fiss, included for every hotel guest, which encompasses culinary highlights, workshops, and outdoor activities to make your autumn vacation unforgettable.

You can find an overview of the autumn offers at SHF here: SHF autumn offers >