NEW youth room: the place to chill!

The hotel in Fiss for big, medium and little kids gets a new fun area

Where Tina the teenage spook discovers fiendish plans.

Well, well, well! What’s this I see? My investigations at the Schlosshotel Fiss have brought me to the general manager’s office where, lo and behold, a dull day takes a sudden and exciting turn.

On the desk before me, drawings marked: NEW Youth Room. Interesting! Looks like my favourite room is getting a makeover.

New youth room attractions
  • The X-Box and PlayStation consoles have a new designated area.
  • There’s a new games console with a steering wheel.
  • The plans show a table with interactive game features.
  • There’s a room-inside-the-room that looks like it has a dance floor with lit arrows and a screen on the wall.
  • The table football and air hockey tables are still here.
  • And a great big bouldering area has been added.

How cool is that?! So I race down to see the room for real. Unfortunately my elation was a bit premature: so far, other than construction workers, tools and dust, there’s nothing much of interest in what was the basement chill-out area.

Well, I’ll just have to be patient. Not my strongest point, but I’ll keep my eagle eye on it, and I’m guessing the new youth room will be up and running when the first winter guests arrive in early December!