Papa castle ghost’s culinary tip

A highlight among Fiss’ restaurants and Papa Ghost’s favourite place. Almost every night, when the kids are in bed, a delicious aroma wafts from the Green Egg and draws me to the elegant restaurant dining rooms. It’s magnificent how the dark painted walls seamlessly blend with the ochre leather benches and, together with the illumination from the lavish lighting, create the perfect evening atmosphere.

© Mike Rabensteiner | Green Egg at the steak restaurant Beef Club

Green Egg

But what’s even more impressive is what happens inside the Green Egg. The signature steak and other meat specialities sizzle atop hot coals, creating the characteristic flavour that surprises my palate time after time. The mere thought of this authentic, powerful flavour makes my mouth water.

In November of 2019, the restaurant was awarded two Gault-Millau toques, and deservedly so. Mathias Seidel, his kitchen crew, and his service team, they’ve just got what it takes.

But honestly, what’s more delightful than spending a romantic evening for two in a snug atmosphere with soft lighting and excellent food?

Of course, I’ve also got a menu recommendation for you:
  • To start, try their finely chopped beef tartare, which will absolutely melt in your mouth.
  • If you are looking for an unsurpassed speciality for the main course, I can only advise the Tomahawk steak perfectly cooked on the Big Green Egg and accompanied by two dips and two sides of your choice.
  • A sweet crescendo, the pan-fried French toast never disappoints – make sure to leave some room.

So delicious! I think we both can agree: it’s an experience you must not miss!

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