3 tips for more joy of carving

3 Tips from Martin Stark the head of Fiss-Ladis ski school

Dexterous, sophisticated & dynamic

The invention of carving skis has opened up a whole new dimension of skiing. Advanced skiers can draw near-virtuoso tracks in the snow – provided their technique is right. Learn the best technique and experience the wide, panoramic pistes around the Schlosshotel Fiss in the company of ski instructor Martin Stark.

‘What is it about skiing? We love being out on the mountains, breathing in that fresh air. Skiing is the epitome of joie de vivre and offers a sense of true freedom – that’s why it’s worth getting it right. From the very start. My three tips help you lay the foundations. Even World Cup skiers started off like this.’

Martin Stark

Tip 1: Stance

Stand on the skis, legs hip-width apart. This increases the legs’ range of motion. Also keep hip, knee and ankle joints slightly bent when the skis are parallel. Keep your arms gently bent forward and hold your poles out in front of your body.

Tip 2: Technique

When skiing into a turn, push the inner shoulder slightly in front of the outer shoulder and place pressure on the outer ski while the inner ski adjusts. The hips are always slightly inclined towards the slope. You trigger momentum – and thus the radius – by flexing the skis. The skis do the rest.

Tip 3 : Bent hips and pole control

While you slowly traverse the slope, support the outside hand on your hips. The inside hand is stretched upwards. When you change direction, the position of the hands also changes. To analyse your carving, guide the pole facing the valley along the ground next to the outer ski with your hand outstretched. The inside hand is stretched upwards. If the pole trajectory in the snow runs parallel to that of the skis, you’re on the right track!

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