Designed with love : Our new signature china

The new Schlosshotel Fiss signature china embodies sublime restraint, timelessly beautiful, precious, classic and as light as sunshine.

When Simone Domenig was searching for new china, she found individual facets of her philosophy reflected in many different lines, but the full expression of her style was not to be found in any of the many collections, colours and patterns she looked at.

‘The things we touch need to be special. For me, china is a small detail that makes a huge difference. That’s why I wanted to find something unique. When I discussed creating the SHF signature china with our designer Isabella Rabensteiner, it was plain from her initial reaction that this was going to be a brilliant project.’

Simone Domenig

Concepts were discussed and designs presented

‘The inspiration for the three motifs, which are designed to be combined in a number of different ways, is rooted in our traditional rural ceramics and rustic ornamentation such as borders and polka dots,’ says Isabella Rabensteiner. ‘We reinterpreted tradition, maintaining some of the handmade style and thereby preserving a warm sense of welcome. However, by reducing the heaviness and rusticity of the motifs, the china looks light and bright. The design leaves a lot of free space because the aim is to frame the food, not compete with it.’

We hope the china’s look is vibrant and unexpected,

says Simone Domenig with evident joy and enthusiasm. ‘There isn’t a particular plate or motif that I would call my favourite as it’s about the interplay of the different patterns; always different and charming but never severe or stiff.’  The collection is thus another element of the Schlosshotel Fiss identity, the origins of which Simone Domenig preserves in a refreshingly innovative way and without kitsch or excessive ornamentation.

The task was not left to a computer

Simone Domenig and Isabella Rabensteiner personally painted the lines and dots on the prototype plates and cups. They tested samples and drew different combinations. Every dot is thus designed with love and hand-made – and the colour is SHF amber. The collection is based on Jade by the long-established company Rosenthal, one of the leading producers of classic porcelain in 97 countries around the world.

The icing on the cake

Beautiful Dallmayr Gold espresso cups and matching gold spoons add a little icing on the cake. Designing this line was so much fun, we’re looking forward to creating more SHF signature interior details. The new SHF signature china also appeals to our guests. That’s so exciting and has led us to offer the collection for sale in the SHF shop.

The Schlosshotel experience is now also part of the table setting.

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