Harmony loves every detail

“To me, style is the timeless embodiment of what we really are. It is an expression of our character, as well as a brief glimpse into our true soul.”


Ambience is more than the sum of its parts

Harmony is a sensitive feeling of wholeness. The Schlosshotel Fiss character is quiet and independent, clear and generous. It has an openness and unique sensitivity for the beautiful, for everything that should grow and unfold. Naturally, the SHF interior design reflects the Domenig family’s passion and their exceptional commitment to quality, consistency, and joy. This is exactly what the hotel’s thoughtful touches and details, which make this place so unique, are for: expressing our appreciation for you – and making your Schlosshotel experience more consistent and harmonious.

Table Art

Whenever we set the table at Schlosshotel Fiss, we do so using the finest table linen, elegant glassware, our own SHF tableware collection, our new, sustainable napkins and beverage coasters, as well as our redesigned SHF sugar sachets.

At a touch

5,000 square metres of spa indulgence want to be experienced. For this, we have created our cosy bathrobes, new SHF spa bags, and new, silkysoft SHF blankets, as well as redesigned our SHF bathing slippers, now available in traditional or sustainable styles.

At home

Take a piece of Schlosshotel harmony home with you. At the hotel shop, we keep an exquisite selection of SHF living products. Beautifully packaged in our SHF bags and finished with our SHF ribbons, they make the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.