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Bike Day in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Christian Zangerl, SFL Bikeparkmanager, and Stefan Falkeis, trailmanager & consultant, live and lovethe mountain bike lifestyle. The friendly bike experts sat down with us to explain what makes the SFL Bikepark so special, which tips they have for beginners and what a “roller” is.

How do the trails in the SFL Bikepark differ from the others in the region?

Zangerl: Our trails, both those in the SFL Bikepark and the singletrails, have been designed with great attention to detail and in an environmentally sustainable way. Our goal is to offer guests a good and safe way to experience the fascinating sport of mountain biking. We offer many trails suitable for beginners as well as a challenging downhill course and a jump line.

Falkeis: Our aim has always been to build sustainable trails with minimum erosion and maintenance costs and maximum riding pleasure. Putting this into practice is often a balancing act. Everything must be carefully planned in advance so that nothing is wasted. Every stone is placed back in the ground with the correct side facing up.

What are the daily tasks in the SFL Bikepark?

Zangerl: Our team works hard every day the keep the trails in top shape. We also offer courses to show our guests the most beautiful places in the region and help them develop their skills so they become better and safer riders.

What are you particularly proud of when it comes to the trails here in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis?

Falkeis: I love nature and like nothing more than experiencing it close up on my bike. That’s why all the trails we create together with the local tourism board look like 100% natural trails winding their way through the landscape.

What should people pay attention to when hiring a bike?

Zangerl: It is important to take into account your body size and weight. You also need to ask yourself which trails you are planning on riding. In the SFL Bikepark you will need a freeride or downhill bike. Out on the trails it can be a trail bike or an enduro bike.

What tips would you give riders taking on the trails for the first time?

Zangerl: The local bike school offers courses for beginners every day both for the bikepark and the singletrails. The bike guides are really experienced and will help ensure your first experience out on the trails is an unforgettable one. What should beginners definitely try out?

What should beginners definitely try out?

Zangerl : The Alcopf Trail! This easy trail is perfect for beginners thanks to its special design, making it the ideal place for riders who are new to trailriding.

What about family-friendly highlights?

Zangerl: The practice area with its pumptrack and the conveyor belt lift with banked corners to practise on are among the highlights in the SFL Bikepark. Along the mountain bike trails there are plenty of spots for riders of all ages to test their skills and enjoy the fabulous views. There really is so much to see, do and explore for all the family.

What about challenges for advanced and expert riders?

Zangerl: Our black trails Hill Bill and Dowhill are very popular with advanced and expert riders thanks to their steep gradients, a wide range of jumps and technical sections. The Frommes Trail and Hög Trail are among the trickier.

Why is SFL a top spot for mountain bikers?

Falkeis: The topography is ideal for mountain biking, the infrastructure is outstanding and the bikepark offers plenty for riders of all abilities. What’s more, the views up on the Kaunergrat ridge are breathtaking and the people are very open and welcoming towards mountain bikers.

Nice to know: Bike Jargon for pros and budding pros
  • Northshores | Wooden elements on the trail, mostly bridges or ramps
  • Table | A jump made up of three parts: take-off, tabletop and landing
  • Roller | A semicircular bump that can be either jumped or rolled over
  • Double | A jump over two rollers
  • Flow | The feeling of being in the zone on a trail and at one with the bike